Department of Accounting

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The Department of Accounting represents a real addition in the Faculty of Science & humanitarian studies in Aflaj at Prince Sattam Bin Abdul Aziz University, where the establishment and acceptance of the Accounting Department in the first semester of the academic year 1438/1439 AH, and through eight semesters, accounting students will obtain a bachelor's degree in accounting after passing (134) credit hours.

The Department strives to provide the local and regional labor market with qualified accountants capable of effective competition, taking into account the need of Saudi Arabia for national cadres in accounting field. The department also seeks to develop student skills through financial and accounting information technology and practices.
Accounting is a social science that is interested in the society development through providing suitable financial and nonfinancial information to its internal and external users, and the accounting information reflects the degree of social acceptance within the community in which it conducts its economic activity. So the financial reporting encourage community members to make a reliable financing or lending decisions.
A graduate of accounting Department can work in various organizations either private or public sectors. The most prominent jobs that can be occupied by the graduate of accounting are: accountant in banks and companies in the public and private sectors, the cost accountant of industrial companies, financial advisor to companies, financial controller or director Financial services through feasibility studies, project evaluation, tax and Zakat advice, design of accounting systems for institutions, external auditor, work in various financial and administrative activities such as warehouse management, procurement management, sales management ... and others.
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