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Welcome to the department of English, Faculty of Science and Humanities, at Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University. The department of English Language  was established to be an enlightenment hub in the field of foreign languages at both the theory and application levels. The department is devoted to award a bachelor degree in English language and literature, and is enthusiastically dedicated to offer courses including linguistics, literature, translation, and other subjects associated with the English language and its literature and culture. The department willingly seeks to produce high and well-qualified graduates integrating the academic knowledge, research skills and the spirit of community service.

Emphasizing the effective and constructive reciprocity between university and society, the department is dedicated to have its own turn in community services as it holds the banner of offering courses which target the improvement of individuals' skills in the English language. It provides the professional and specific services needed in the different sectors of community and met the required quality standards.

Crucially, staff members contribute to the academic activities taking place at the department and across other departments within the faculty. Further, regular seminars and workshops are held at the department to discuss issues related to the English language.


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