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Welcome to the business administration department website in the  (Faculty of Sciences and Humanities- Aflaj  province).The department has been seeking to keep up with the current  scientific and professional developments, through continuous development of methodologies, taking into account the requirements of the labour market and benefiting  from the experiences of the prestigious universities, in order to prepare qualified competencies to work in this important field  which is affecting the economy and development.
The business administration today, is considered as an intrinsic speciality and main engine of the economy. It is one of the primary sources to provide the necessary human resources to stimulate business.
So this section was created to provide local labour market suitably qualified to participate in the development process and development of the citizen and the nation.
The enormous growth of the financial markets in the Kingdom as well as the interdependence of economies and global financial markets, have given rise to the need for this section to appear along with its course of financial management. And other paths can be activated in accordance with a phased plan to come.
The section from its inception has been trying to develop its academic plans, taking into account the complementarity and coherence between decisions, in order to ensure and meet the needs of the labour market and the rapid growth in the business environment in accordance with the fast-changing economic conditions in the region and the world.
The section is seeking through its plan to offer educational output and qualified cadres that can compete and adapt to environmental changes, occurring within the strategic plan which is integrated with the University's plan and its future vision.


It is noteworthy that the section, besides its interest in supplying the labour market and society with powerful cadres in the field of administrative sciences, it doesn’t hesitate to participate in scientific research, community service, the establishment of forums and discussion boards, where such interaction is considered as an important focus for the department of business administration, believing that universities are considered as interactive learning environments with the society. And representing as active partners in developing and handling community cases.     
The section also caters to hone the skills of students through participation in extracurricular activities, clubs, student councils, scientific gatherings, and cooperation with various professional bodies (public and private partners) to train students, which will contributes to creativity, innovation, knowledge exchange and the development of management skills needed to build a profile of leadership that is required by the community organizations.

May Allah give us help and success?




Head of business administration department:
Dr. Annas Abdul basit Abbas
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