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Medical image Enhancement Application Using histogram equalization in Computational Libraries مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

This paper gives the simple guideline to perform histogram equalization to enhance the Medical images without using the function histeq () in MATLAB. Medical images are one of the fundamental images, because they are used in more sensitive field which is a medical field. The main goal of this study is to improve features and gain better characteristics of medical images for a right diagnosis.

����� Medical images were usually poor quality especially in contrast. For solving this problem , we proposed Histogram Equalization which is one of the techniques in a computer image processing domain.

Security Defects in Identification Systems which depends on Biometrics and the Mechanisms of repairing مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

Biometrics is one of the evolving technologies widely used in different aspects of life today. The use of biometrics for identification is a system mainly established to recognize a certain person through authentication by using a set of biological characteristics. In this paper, I aim to survey the security risks and defects in identity verification systems that are based on biometrics, and try to suggest risk management solutions in order to increase the security factor whenever using such systems.

• Designing of a flexible Algorithm system for the statistical processing of students' grades مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

      This paper aims to take advantage of advanced information and communications technology (ICT) to make the teaching and learning process electronic with the purpose of meeting the challenges of the twenty first century, threats and future issues in order to ensure the continuity of survival. Such an objective is targeted through the design of a flexible algorithm system for processing student results statistically. This system will work out the statistical treatment according to the model adopted by the Examiners or the educational institution. In addition, such a system presents some standard models and recommends their use.

• The role of E-learning in facing the challenges of the century مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

The aims of this paper is to clarify the concepts and basic advantages of E-learning and try to find the best definition of E-learning to applied  in Sudan. Therefore,  the vision of the use of information and communications technology in making the teaching and learning process electronic able to face the challenges of the century and the issues of the future. In order to ensure the continuity of survival, the paper shows the new roles of the student, curriculum and teacher. It  has found the need to build a plan for E-learning depending on the framework of the Sudanese consistent with the evidence consists of five components, namely management, information and communications technology, education, ethics, education and assessment.

• Apparent causers for the academic declination of students in university level compared with secondary level An application on Computer Science & Information Technology-Al Neelain University مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

The aims of this paper is to study the causes of academic declination of students in university level compared with secondary level, taking the students of Computer Science & Information Technology-Al Neelain University (batch 2012) as sample using SPSS and its outputs to help decision makers to determine best resolution for  the phenomena .

General Characteristics of Software Development Companies in Sudan and its Impact on Production, مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

This paper aims to study the characteristics of Software Development Companies in Sudan (private companies) in terms of company size, financial ability, and years of experience in the field of Software Development. The researcher also tries to check out the qualifications of the staff involved in the process of Software Development in order to place these Companies among the large Companies working in the same field. To achieve this, a questionnaire was designed and the data collected was statistically analyzed through Statistical Package for Social sciences (SPSS) and the results were discussed and the findings were set accordingly.

The Use of GIS in knowing the effect of road traffic accidents مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

         The aim of this paper is to study the problem of transport accidents and traffic game in central Khartoum by using Geographical Information System(GIS) technology for radical solutions for the problem through designing  computerize model to assist decision makers to choose the best roads planning decisions to camps with  international standards in respect to area, passes separation and  constructing circular  roads beside proposed roads in study area.

Application the concepts of spatial interpolation using GIS and Google Earth in building a three-dimensional map - applied on the state of Khartoum " مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

This paper aims at reflecting Google Earth and Geographical Information System (GIS) software in constructing the Contours Maps. It also explains the three dimensional Maps (Contours Maps), considered as the main core of the well- organized  planning that  required to be based upon. Moreover, the three dimensional maps also help in supporting the future strategic decisions for achieving the goals of the permanent development.   

The relationship between information system quality and customer equity management -services sector محمد صالح يوسف علي

                   Asian Pacific Journal of Marketing Management Review March 2014 Vol3 No3 PP24-37

Conjugate duality for a class of multiobjective optimization problem ربيع أحمد الزين

Using the conjugate duality concept in the sense of convex analysis, we give a characterization of the solution of the Multi-objective optimization problem. This paper is considered as generalization of the paper [4] in which we use the transformation to the single-criterion before giving a characterization of the solution.

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