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Security is one of the necessities of daily life for individuals and societies. Each system or organization seeks to increase the level of security in order to protect personnel and its properties. In this paper, we designed a full system for SPMS and we focused on the verification process only because of its importance and being considered as a pivot of the whole system. We focus on one of the important people in the society, who are elementary school students, especially when the students dismiss the school in the releasing time, and who is going to take them home after school. From this point, we try to suggest solutions by making mechanism for student’s dismissal.

The Moderating Effect of System Quality Management on the Relationship between Organizational Knowledge Based and Retention Equity in Banking Industry محمد صالح يوسف علي

International journal of multidisciplinary and current research

volume3 march/april issue year 2015

The impact of marketing orientation quality on relationshipship equity محمد صالح يوسف علي

International journal of management, IT and Engineering

Volume5 issue4 year 2015

M. Arar, A Note on Spaces with a Countable -Base, Acta Mathematica Hungarica, 144(2) (2014), 494-498. مراد مصطفى عرار

In topological spaces every normal space with a countable base is metacompact. We show that this is not necessarily true in generalized topological spaces; more exactly we give an example of a mu-normal space with a countable mu-base which has a mu-open cover with no mu-open point-finite refinement.

Murad Arar, A Counter Example in Generalized Topological Spaces, Journal of Advanced Studies in topology, 5(2) (2014), pp 44-46. مراد مصطفى عرار

In this note, we give a counter example to show that in [4, Theorem 5.4] is not true. Precisely: We show that there exists a nonempty countable mu-compact T2-space X such that every point of X is a mu-cluster point of X, and X has a non-empty nested collection of mu-open sets.

M. Arar & H. Hdeib, Strongly Paracompact Mappings, Italian Journal of Pure an Applied Math., 31(2013), pp177-186. مراد مصطفى عرار

In this paper, we define and study strongly paracompact mappings which
are the fibrewise topological analogues of strongly paracompact spaces. Several charac-
terizations and properties of strongly paractompact mappings are obtained.

Designing a Cache Memory Simulator using Pic microcontroller مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

Processors are generally able to perform operations on operands faster than the access time of large capacity main memory. Though semiconductor memory which can operate at speeds comparable with the operation of the processor exists, it is not economical to provide all the main memory with very high speed semiconductor memory. The problem can be alleviated by introducing a small block of high speed memory called a cache between the main memory and the processor.

This paper aims to design and implement the cache memory, using the PIC microcontroller. It is designed to give students the ability to monitor cache systems behavior and determine the various cache systems performance.

Cache designing system must be able to show the following results:

• Number of hits: Which are referred to the number of times and indicate that the data were found in the cache.

•Number of misses: which are referred to the number of times and indicate that the data were not found in the cache.

• Hit ratio: Which is equaling  (number of hits/ (number of hits number of misses)).

Gaps of Cryptography and their Automatic Treatments with Reference to classical Cryptography Methods مزمل موسى سعيد موسى

The subject of security in the automatic information system is highly considered as an interesting subject in the view of researchers and workers who are dealing with those systems. The world wide spreads of computers have had direct impact on the development and efficiency of automatic information system. But still there is a continuous fear towards the security aspects and possibility of dependency of computers in directing and handling the automatic systems in permanent image and minute, and its ability to protect secrets and privacy from assault and snooping. The main objective of this paper is the exposure to gaps of coding systems with focus on classical encryption methods , designing  mechanisms and scientific methods, to help in  raising the security efficiency , and to provide the entire protection for data by using different methods with a special focusing on sensitive data.

دليل الاستشهادات العربي - مشروع تخرج أحمد عبدالله المنصور

بما أنه لا يوجد دليل استشهادات عربي، هذا المشروع يهدف لدراسة إمكانية بناء وعمل دليل استشهادات للمواد المنشورة باللغة العربية، وبعدها سيقوم هذا المشروع بإنشاء نموذج تجريبي لهذا الدليل، هذا المشروع مهم جداً للباحثين في مختلف المجالات ليساعدهم في عمل أبحاثهم في المواد العربية وإيجاد المواد الأكثر استشهاداً في مجالات بحثهم، كما يتيح لهم التصفح في شجرة الاستشهادات صعوداً ونزولاً، هذه التقنية مفيدة جداً للباحثين أكثر من الطريقة التقليدية التي تعتمد على الكلمات المفتاحية.


Abstract. The object of the present paper is to obtain closure theorems and integral operators of functions in the classes S*(a, β, μ) and C*(a, β, μ)(0< a< 1, 0< β< 1, 0< μ< 1) consisting of analytic and univalent functions with negative coefficients.

Furthermore, some

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